New IT Manager Training



Are you a new IT manager at your company or beginning an IT management job at a new company or department?  This 20 minute training session will help you get going.  IT management guru Mike Sisco narrates this unique training session and walks you through the 4 essential steps to a successful start to your new job.

Read on for an outline of the content covered in this downloadable training class:

IT Manager – Fast Start Checklist

Week 1 – Assessment

  • Identify business issues with technology support implications
  • Quantify the issues that have risk or opportunity associated with them
  • Quantify the IT Organization’s capability
  • Quantify the IT Organization’s capacity to do things
  • Identify client service “pops”
  • Identify IT projects in process and/or planned for next 6 months
  • Quantify IT processes needed to support the technology

Week 2 – Plan

  • Validate active or planned projects provide value; if not, cancel them
  • Define the projects required to address the business issues identified
  • Prioritize the projects that balance risk, opportunity, client service, & cost
  • Develop a 30-90 Day Action Plan
  • Develop an IT Staff Needs Strategy
  • Target staff on immediate needs and small client service “pops”

Week 3 – Validation

  • Present your tactical strategy to senior management for approval
  • Present the approved tactical plan to staff and client managers
  • Begin focusing your technology resources on the tactical plan
  • Begin developing the processes required to improve technology support
  • Begin positioning Client managers with what you can do and how much
  • Network with Client managers and employees

Week 4 – Execution

  • Target resources on “quick hits” that count

1. High risk issues
2. Client service “pops”
3. Opportunity issues with low cost and minimal effort required
4. “Low hanging fruit” cost savings
5. Agreed upon business value projects

  • Focus on Service Desk processes for quicker response to key support issues
  • Begin outlining your IT staff’s responsibilities for Performance Plans
  • Begin creating metrics to measure IT performance (cost, productivity, quality, etc.)
  • Establish project management standards to insure on time and on budget
  • Begin your thought process to start developing a strategic IT plan (6 to 24 months)