IT Management 101



Download a free copy of IT Management 101, IT management guru Mike Sisco’s landmark book covering the basic skills and attitudes every IT manager should have.  In this book, you will learn about the “Triple Threat to IT Success”, the three common management pitfals that lead to IT failure.  You will also learn about the eleven trains of a successful IT manager.

Mike Sisco trains IT managers across the globe the skills needed to be successful in their jobs.  He spent 20 years successfully managing IT in organizations ranging from small startups to large, multi-location companies. During his career, Mike turned a $5 million IT services organization that was losing $1 million a year into one that produced $2 million profit over two years. He has also written multiple books and more than 300 articles on IT management helping others benefit from his experience.

Read on below for an excerpt of the first chapter or download the entire book from this page absolutely free!


Before we go very far, I need to briefly explain the Triple Threat to IT Success™.You haven’t heard of this concept unless you’ve read some of my articles or attended one of my seminars. If you have, you may know that I was an operational IT manager and CIO for over 20 years. Having “walked in your shoes” and experienced the same issues and challenges you are experiencing right now is what allowed me to develop this book and the other IT manager resources our company offers.
I’ve told some of my friends that I wish I had written these books 30 years ago so I could have benefited from them. I finally realized that I had to go through 20-plus years to experience it all before I would actually be prepared to write them.
In addition to managing real IT organizations, I have also been a student of management. What I mean by this is that I’m a big believer in understanding the dynamics of why certain things work, , , or don’t, , , and what leads to success for a manager. When you find something that works, you can then use repeatable processes that you know will work to insure success.
In most things in life, there is a direct cause and effect relationship as to why things occur. I believe this is certainly true in regards to IT management. In this book, I hope to provide insight that better prepares you for success in your IT manager role. In my travels as an IT manager and CIO, I’ve had the fortune to work in companies where my job gave me exposure to hundreds of IT organizations.
For example, as an IBM Systems Engineer early in my career, I worked with dozens of
IT organizations. I didn’t manage all of these organizations, but I was able to work directly with them or be close enough to observe their operations, , , and learn. Later, I managed IT support organizations that supported software we sold to hundreds of clients, , , all of which had an IT organization. Another great learning experience. In another company, we acquired 35 companies, each with an IT organization. These IT organizations became part of my IT staff so I had to be able to assess their situations and develop appropriate transition plans for each.
What this means is that I’ve observed or worked with hundreds of IT managers in my career, , , far more than what most IT managers would be exposed to. I’ve seen many successful IT organizations, but far more that were not successful. Unfortunately, more IT organizations have a reputation of failing than of succeeding.