Six Sigma

“I’ve been hearing about Six Sigma for IT for years and never thought I could apply it to my company’s IT department…until I bought your toolkit and discovered it’s simple, practical approach. Our IT department will never be the same. Thanks!”

“If I had bought your Six Sigma toolkit two years ago I would have saved sooooo much time. It’s a great product that’s clearly created by a true IT professional with Six Sigma experience.”


“There are lots of financial templates out there, but your Finance Toolkit is the best collection of templates I’ve seen for an IT Manager or IT Department head, including the CIO! They are perfectly designed and formatted for my unique IT reporting needs.”

“I’m an IT expert, not a Finance expert…which is why I love your Finance Toolkit. It makes an old IT Pro like me look like I’m just as good at Finance!”


“I thought putting in new Telecommuting policies and procedures would be a nightmare. Thanks to your Telecommuting Kit, however, it was a breeze! The templates are so easy to customize and publish…thanks!”

“Your Telecommuting Policy templates were exactly as you promised–easy to customize and very well thought-out. I just dropped in my company name and logo and…presto! My company looks as buttoned-down as a Fortune 500 company.”

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