IT Asset Management



Learn the initial steps of mastering IT asset management. Download the first 4 chapters of Mike Sisco’s IT Asset Management: tracking technology assets and get a checklist of assets to manage, learn what information to track and how to gather the data.

Read on for the complete table of contents:

I. What is IT Asset Management ?
II. Which Assets Need Managing ?

       A. Data Center Equipment
B. User Equipment
C. Software Licenses
D. Phone/Fax Systems
E. Telecommunications Circuits
F. LAN Equipment
G. IT Staff
H. Facility Floor Plans
I. Vendor Contracts
J. Vendor Contact List
K. IT Initiatives Portfolio

III. Define the Information to Track
IV. Gather the Data
V. IT Asset Management Tools

       A. Network Diagram
B. Servers
C. Data Center Equipment (non-CPU)
D. Software Licenses
E. Phone / Fax / Dial-up Modems
F. WAN Circuits
G. Vendor Support Contacts
H. IT Staff
I. Vendor Contracts
J. Desktop PC’s, Laptops, and Local Peripherals
K. External Client Software Licenses

VI. Change Management Processes
VII. Software Usage Policy
VIII. Summary


A. Server Template
B. Data Center Equipment (non-CPU) Template
C. Software License Template
D. Phone / Fax / Dial-up Modem Template
E. WAN Circuit Template
F. Vendor Support Contacts Template
G. IT Staff Template
H. Vendor Contract Template
I. Desktop PC’s, Laptop, & Local Peripheral Template
J. External Client Software License Template