IT Budgeting



Get the first two chapters of Mike Sisco’s IT Budgeting: Tracking Technology Assets, and learn the basics of building an IT business plan.

Read on for the complete table of contents:


I. Why Do We Need a Business Plan? II. Key Elements of an IT Business Plan

III. The IT Operating Budget
A. Staffing
B. Benefits Factor & Staff Related Costs
1. Standard benefit costs
2. Bonuses and Other Compensation
3. Recruiting
4. Relocation
5. Temporary Labor
6. Training and Education
7. Travel and Entertainment

C. IT Related Costs in the Company
1. Telecommunications – Data
2. Telephone – Voice and Fax
3. Maintenance
4. Software Licenses
5. Consulting
6. Office Supplies
7. Miscellaneous

D. Review Your Operating Budget Draft

IV. IT Capital Budget
A. IT Capital Plans
B. Non-IT Department Plans
C. Capital Request and Approval Process

V. Presenting Your Plan

VI. Monitoring the Plan


A. Budget Worksheet
B. Sample Staffing Plan Worksheet