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BYOD Policies & Procedures Toolkit


A Toolkit to Implement and Manage BYOD Program

BYOD – bring your own device – is a program that empowers employees to bring their personal devices to work. The company agrees to provide access to its network and IT assets on the personal device. Alternatively, the company issues a mobile device to the employee.

BYOD has become even more important with the rise of the hybrid work model. It’s no longer about just mobile devices but now includes PC/laptops as businesses hire workers around the world. 

Everywhere you go you see people riveted to their personal mobile devices.  This is not just a fad.  Consumers can now enjoy unprecedented  and affordable computing power for communication, Internet access, file-sharing and a variety of other productive tasks at virtually any place and time.  And most employees in today’s companies are more than eager to add work-productivity to this list of benefits.  As a manager of information technology, you are well aware of the benefits that BYOD presents your organization in terms of increased productivity and hardware cost savings for your company.  But you also know the many risks your organization faces to its data security and internal process integrity when every user in your organization has almost complete control over the technology that is critical to your success.  To manage this, your company needs an iron-clad governance plan for mobile device usage.

Toolkit Cafe’s BYOD Policies & Procedures Toolkit provides just the tools and templates you need to easily and effectively manage this process.  You will get a practical framework and methodology for providing the proper rules, documentation and procedures for mobile device usage plus the document controls you need to quickly amend the plan as new technologies and their inherent governance issues arise.

Leave No Stone Un-turned …

The BYOD Policies and Procedures Toolkit consists of 8 distinct forms and templates in Microsoft Word which you can easily customize to meet the needs of your business.  Together, these policies and procedures will help yo effectively manage employees’ personal devices. Each document was developed and put to use in the field by seasoned IT managers just like you so you can be assured the content has been thoroughly vetted and covers most common usage scenarios.  Read on for a description of each document in the toolkit:

  • Instructions Document – This brief pdf document explains the simple process of accessing and using the tools in the kit and provides useful advice on the approach you should take as you customize the documents for your specific needs.
  • Master Checklist – This 10-item checklist walks you through each recommended step for setting up and maintaining a thorough mobile device governance program.  You can use this document as your “dashboard” for managing the other templates in the kit.  Where a specific tool or template is referenced you can simply click on the document link to open and customize the appropriate document.  You can also set the status of each step within this tool as a way to remind you which governance tasks are complete and which require more work.
  • Security Audit Program – This detailed 7-page document will step you through an exhaustive security analysis to ensure you are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to managing mobile device and data security.  It contains a 49 point checklist that we advise every IT manager to carefully consider.
  • Mobile Device Equipment Standard – This template provides language describing the specific approved devices, applications, operating systems and employee compliance standards that are expected.
  • Mobile Device Usage Standard – The usage standard provides employees with a clean and unambiguous list of controls and procedures each employee is expected to agree to and take complete responsibility for.
  • Mobile Device Policy (Employee Choice) – This policy is issued to employees to describe the company’s rules and process for BYOD management.
  • Mobile Device Policy (Company Issued Devices) – This policy is issued to employees who will be issued mobile devices provided by the company.
  • Mobile Device Request Form – This is a form an employee may use to request the issuance of a personal mobile device from the company.
  • Employee Agreement Form – Employees who use mobile devices at work should sign this form stating they understand the rules.  This form will go into the employee’s HR file.
  • Mobile Device Employee Training Form – If you provide mobile device training to employees, this form can be used to document the completion of such training and kept in the employee’s HR file.

Download the BYOD Policies & Procedures Toolkit Risk-Free Today!

The instant you purchase the kit, all the tools, templates and instruction described above will be available to you through a simple download.  You may use the kit for up to 30 days.  If anytime during that period you decide it does not meet the needs of you or your company, just let us know and we will refund the purchase.