SharePoint Starter Kit


Download These Tools and Templates To Help Make Your SharePoint Deployment Secure and Successful

SharePoint 2007 is the number one tool on the market for facilitating employee interaction to enhance productivity in your organization. But deploying SharePoint 2007 without the proper planning can result in a number of security issues and administrative headaches. The SharePoint Starter Kit helps you with the planning process, guides you through deploying your first SharePoint 2007 server, and then helps you to establish a set of governance policies. The tools and templates in this kit will enable you to:

  • Deploy SharePoint 2007 securely
  • Track the use of SharePoint resources such as sites and Web parts
  • Grow your SharePoint deployment in a controlled manner
  • Calculate the appropriate disk quotas for your SharePoint users, and establish other SharePoint related policies and procedures

You Get an Array of Supporting Templates for Your SharePoint 2007 Deployment Project

The SharePoint Starter Kit is tailored for IT managers who are planning for the deployment, and management of SharePoint 2007 in their organization. These templates are developed and used by expert IT Managers in the field.

The components of this kit are in either Microsoft Word or Excel formats for maximum compatibility. Below is a description of each template included in the kit:

  1. Change Tracker Tool
    As with any other Web application, it is important to keep a log of the modifications that have been made to SharePoint sites. Knowing when and why modifications were made, and by whom can be invaluable should you find yourself trying to troubleshoot a problem with a SharePoint site. This tool provides you with the means for logging each modification that is made to your SharePoint sites.
  2. Customization Policy Tool
    Since SharePoint is a Web application, almost every aspect of it is customizable. Even so, multiple SharePoint sites often use a single block of code. As a SharePoint administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that the developers in your organization do not modify SharePoint in a way that will negatively impact other sites. This tool is designed to help you to determine which types of modifications to SharePoint you want to allow the developers in your own organization to make.
  3. Deployment Planning Checklist
    Deploying a new SharePoint farm is a complex undertaking. This check list will help you to ensure that you have all of the necessary components, and will walk you through the deployment process.
  4. Quota Planning Tool
    Quotas are essential to preventing disk volumes from running out of space, but figuring out how large the quotas should be can be complicated, especially if the disk volume contains other resources. This tool can help you to calculate the maximum quota size for SharePoint lists and libraries.
  5. Request for Change Tool
    This Microsoft Word document contains a standardized form that users can use to request changes to a SharePoint site.
  6. Request for New SharePoint Site Template
    This Microsoft Word document contains a form that users can use when requesting that a new SharePoint site be created.
  7. Site Tracking and Auditing Tool
    If left unchecked, SharePoint sites can quickly spiral out of control. The Site Tracking and Auditing Tool is designed to help with this problem by making it easy to detect and remove SharePoint sites that are no longer used. Your SharePoint governance document should stipulate a periodic review of each SharePoint site (usually every six months). You can use this tool to keep track of when each site was last reviewed, and who to contact when the time comes for the next site review.
  8. SharePoint Governance Policy Template
    This document contains a sample SharePoint governance plan. While this plan probably won’t meet your organization’s exact needs, it is intended to provide you with a good starting point in creating your own governance plan. Simply cut and paste the applicable blocks of text into your own governance document, and make any necessary changes (such as replacing 20 MB with 50 MB).
  9. SharePoint Service Accounts Tool
    Probably the single biggest security configuration error that SharePoint administrators make involves setting up the service accounts incorrectly during a SharePoint deployment. Often administrators will either use the domain Administrator account as the SharePoint service account, or they will create a dedicated service account and then use that account as a global SharePoint service account. In either case, security is weakened because the service account has far more permissions than what is really needed. A better approach is to create multiple service accounts, and use each service account for a specific purpose. This ensures that no one single service account ends up with excessive permissions. This tool helps you to create SharePoint service accounts in a way that will enhance the security of your SharePoint farm.
  10. Web Part Tracker Tool
    SharePoint sites are typically based on a collection of Web parts. The down side to constructing sites in this way is that a modification to a Web part impacts every SharePoint site that is using that Web part. As such, it is critical that you track which Web parts are being used, and which sites are using them. That way, you can gain a clear understanding of which SharePoint sites could potentially be affected by Web part modifications or upgrades to new Web part versions. This tool is designed to help you to maintain important information related to tracking Web parts.

Download it Risk-Free Today!

The instant you purchase the kit, the templates an instruction described above will be available to you through a simple download.  You may use the kit for up to 30 days.  If anytime during that period you decide it does not meet the needs of you or your company, just let us know and we will refund the purchase.