Hybrid Work Resource Toolkit for IT Managers

Hybrid Work Resource Toolkit for IT Managers


Apply Best Practices to Hybrid Work Model

The Hybrid Work Resource Kit provides a collection of informative documents and actionable templates in Microsoft Office format designed to help you implement an effective Hybrid Work Program. Each document has been tested and utilized by top IT Managers in the field and comes complete with instructions. Additionally, each document may be modified and distributed for use throughout your organization as you see fit.

Here is all that’s included in this kit:

Hybrid Work Resource Kit Instructions- This document walks you step-by-step through the kit and provides clear instruction for how to use it.

Hybrid Work-from-Home Defined- This document goes into depth on the nuances of the various hybrid work model models, including full time, part-time and virtual employees. It also contains detailed definitions of the various costs, benefits and pitfalls of telecommuting and provides the basis for the policy and procedure documents in the kit.

Hybrid Work Cost Benefit Analysis- This is a detailed Excel-based workbook that you can use to provide a quantifiable analysis of the budget impact of telecommuting for your company

Employee Training and Support Documents- There are seven documents and templates that you can customize to help employees get started with hybrid work and help them along the way:

  1. Employee Work-from-Home Training (PowerPoint)
  2. Employee Work-from-Home Request Form
  3. Emergency Information Sheet
  4. Home Office Equipment Installation Instructions
  5. Before Calling the Help Desk
  6. Work-from-Home Employee Contract

Policy and Procedure Templates- There are six documents that you can modify to your company’s specific requirements.

  1. Company Work-from-Hone Hybrid Work Policy
  2. Work-from-Home Approval and Supervision Policy
  3. Employee Hybrid Work Policy
  4. Asset Management Hybrid Work Model Support
  5. Work-from-Home Technical Support Policy
  6. Work-from-Home Data and Network Security Policy

An Exceptional Value!

Recreating the templates in this kit would take you many hours (even weeks) to complete. You and your organization can benefit from all the research, advice and tools in this kit for one low price!