ultimate it policies toolkit

Ultimate IT Policy Toolkit


Customize IT Policies For Your Company in Minutes!

Securing your network and protecting privileged corporate information are two of the biggest challenges facing IT managers. Complicating matters are end users who face a seemingly endless barrage of temptations in the form of personal device usage (BYOD), online social networking sites, news and entertainment sites, and other non-work-related reasons to access the Internet on company time.

You can’t put the technology genie back in the bottle, but you can lay down the law by setting ground rules for the appropriate use of technology in the workplace. To do so, you need to publish and communicate clear IT policies aimed at increasing productivity and enhancing data security in your workplace. This will give you and your fellow managers in the organization the framework needed to monitor and enforce those policies.

We can help you do all that in just minutes! The Ultimate IT Policies Toolkit is a time-saving library of IT policies that address the most critical areas of IT service, support and security. We’ve also included detailed instructions on how to customize those documents for your organization.

Check out what’s inside The Ultimate Policies Toolkit

When you download The Ultimate IT Policies Toolkit, you’ll get 45 templates including a ready-to-use IT Steering Committee Charter, to help you establish a strong and effective system of setting policies. Policy templates have easily customizable headers and footers, along with editing tips to help you tailor the policies to your business.

The Ultimate IT Policies Toolkit comes with these time-saving templates:
(Click on the policies in blue below and download for free!)

  1. Acceptable Encryption Policy
  2. Application Development Security Policy
  3. Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy
  4. Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy (Stricter Version)
  5. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Corporate Policy
  6. Blank Policy Template
  7. Company Blog Process
  8. Company Facebook Account Policy
  9. Company Facebook Page Policy
  10. Company Telecommuting Policy
  11. Corporate Blog Policy
  12. Corporate Blogging Policy
  13. Corporate Twitter Account Policy
  14. Data Retention Policy
  15. Data Security Policy
  16. Email Archiving Policy
  17. Email Security Policy
  18. Employee Telecommuting Policy
  19. Facebook Usage Policy
  20. File Sharing and File Transfer Policy
  21. Governance Roadmap Checklist
  22. Governance Inventory Template
  23. Instant Messaging Policy
  24. Internet Usage Policy
  25. IT Computer Equipment Security Policy
  26. IT Steering Committee Charter Template
  27. LinkedIn Policy
  28. Malware Security Policy
  29. Network Security Policy
  30. Password Management Policy
  31. Personal Blog Policy
  32. Personal Social Network Policy
  33. Physical Access Policy
  34. Remote System Access Policy
  35. Roles and Responsibilities Policy
  36. Self Audit Questionnaire
  37. Social Media Password Policy
  38. Social Networking Policy Slideshow
  39. Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
  40. Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
  41. Telecommuting Employee Contract
  42. Telecommuting Technology Support Policy
  43. Twitter Personal Use Policy
  44. Wireless Device Security Policy
  45. Wireless Usage Policy
  46. YouTube Policy

As a bonus, we’ve also included overviews that give you great advice on how to foster a culture of IT governance and tackle the challenges of complying with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbox.

About the Authors

The authors of The Ultimate IT Policies Toolkit are IT professionals who have over 100 years combined experience in leadership roles in IT security, application development, customer support, operations and telecommunications management, and IT compliance.

An Exceptional Value!

Recreating the templates in this kit would take you many hours (even weeks) to complete. You and your organization can benefit from all the research, advice and tools in this kit for one low price!