Wireless Usage Policy



This policy acknowledges the fact that your users and coworkers demand the ability to check their corporate email wherever and whenever they want. This policy establishes ground rules for the type and configuration of wireless devices that your organization will support.


This policy applies to all employees.


In the context of this policy, the phrase “Wireless System” is defined as any device designed to use radio frequencies to access the Internet, Bulletin Boards, telephone, or message boards.  Such wireless devices can be wireless network cards used to access Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), AirCards to access the Internet or dial-up modems, Personal Data Assistants (PDA) and devices that are both cellular phone and PDA.


The following rules define _COMPANY’s policy regarding the use of wireless devices:

  1. The IT Department is responsible for providing a communication network that is accessible, reliable, and secure when accessed by a wireless system.
  2. The IT Department has sole authority to manage wireless devices that connect to the corporate network. Any wireless device purchased by an employee must have approval to access any wireless network(s) that will connect to _COMPANY’s network.  The IT Department will manage any application utility design to allow access to _COMPANY’s network.  Therefore any employee who wishes to utilize wireless technology must follow the IT Department’s published policies, standard protocols, practices and procedures.
  3. Wireless devices must be purchased and configured by the IT Department. Devices may include a laptop, cellular phone, or a cellular/PDA device must be ordered, configured, managed and supported by the IT Department. Employees who purchase their own wireless devices must allow the IT Department to configure it according to corporate specifications.
  4. Final responsibility for the security and proper use of any wireless client rests with the employee.
  5. _COMPANY reserves the right to deny access to wireless devices as needed. To enforce the Wireless Use Policy and/or protect network performance and corporate information assets, the IT Department reserves the right to shut down or deny access to any wireless device purchased by _COMPANY, or remove access to any employee’s approved wireless device, due to irresponsible, inappropriate or illegal activity.