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Six Sigma Starter Kit for IT


Proven Six Sigma Methodologies are Now at Your Fingertips!

Six Sigma Starter Kit for IT is a comprehensive collection of educational documents, calculators, tools and templates that will teach you how to improve the speed and quality of IT processes in your company. Even if you have no formal Six Sigma program in place, this kit is intended to get you started quickly and efficiently and remain a valuable source of information and tools for years to come. It is comprised of 22 distinct componants organized under 4 categories:

I. Education and Awareness

Overview of Six Sigma and it’s Value Within IT – This is a 30 slide PowerPoint presentation that you can use within your organization to define Six Sigma and help you and your team understand how it can be applied to your organization.
Framework on When to Use “DMAIC”, “DFSS” and “Lean” – These acronyms and terms are defined and put into a practical perspective for IT organizations in this 4-page white paper.
Overview of Convergence Between ITIL, CMMI and Six Sigma – This white paper will help you understand the inter-relationships between these three popular topics and how they are applied together in progressive IT organizations.

II. Leadership and Communications

Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities Presentation – This PowerPoint provides a brief overview of the roles for senior management, middle management and staff participants.
Six Sigma and Talent Management – This whitepaper provides a briefing on the qualities you should look for in your team for a successful Six Sigma program. The “Black Belt” and “Master Black Belt” descriptions are detailed.
Communications and Rollout Plan – A sample rollout plan for communicating your Six Sigma program is provided.

III. Six Sigma Program Management Tools

  1. An Excel worksheet containing 25 prime examples of IT Six Sigma projects that will jump start your program and help you identify key focus areas
  2. Six Sigma project tracker Excel worksheet and template
  3. Project selection and assessment questionnaire
  4. A Six Sigma Project Report-Out Template – all ready to customize and use in PowerPoint format.
  5. Tollgate attendance and project phases template

IV. Bonus Six Sigma Tools

  1. Process Mapping Template
  2. Cause and Effect Matrix
  3. Sample Size Calculator
  4. Fishbone Analysis Template
  5. Pareto Analysis Template
  6. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  7. Software Project Risk Assessment Worksheet
  8. Pugh Matrix Template
  9. Two Sample T-Test
  10. Chi-Square Test Primer
  11. Dashboards & Scorecards Guidance

The Six Sigma Starter Kit for IT is Yours Risk Free Today!

The instant you purchase the kit, the templates and guides described above will be available to you through a simple download. You may use the kit for up to 30 days. If anytime during that period you decide it does not meet the needs of you or your company, just let us know and we will refund the purchase.