Project Quality Plan



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It is critical to have a well documented quality plan in place before kicking off a new project.  You can download a professional quality template here.

What is a Quality Plan?

‘Quality’ can be defined as the level of conformance of the final deliverable to the customer’s requirements. Quality is usually considered from two different perspectives; the quality of the deliverable provided to the customer and the quality of the management processes undertaken on the project to produce the final deliverable. For this reason, a Quality Plan not only defines the approach taken to ensure the quality of the deliverable but also highlights other management processes which influence deliverable quality, such as change, risk and issue management.

To create a Quality Plan, the following steps are undertaken:

  • Define quality in terms of this project
  • Identify quality criteria and standards to achieve
  • Describe the quality assurance and control techniques
  • Define the processes required to achieve the quality targets specified.

When to use a Quality Plan

A Quality Plan is constructed during the Project Planning phase after the Project Plan, Resource Plan and Financial Plan have been identified. The Quality Plan summarizes the quality targets and management processes undertaken during the Project Execution phase. As a result, the Quality Plan is referenced consistently throughout the project to monitor and control the level of quality of the deliverable built and processes undertaken on the project.

How to use this template

This document provides a guide on the topics usually included in a Quality Plan. Sections may be added, removed or redefined at your leisure to meet your particular business circumstance.  Example tables, diagrams and charts have been added (where suitable) to provide further guidance on how to complete each relevant section.