Computer Equipment Security Policy



When you publish and publicize an IT computer equipment policy, you put your company’s employees on notice that computer equipment is company property. Many of the rules in this policy are common sense to IT professionals, but the authorized users of company computer systems are the primary audience for this policy. Note that Rule #1 this policy assumes your organization has a Fair Employment Practices Policy in place.

Read on for excerpts from the actual policy:


This policy applies to all and all computer equipment purchased or leased by _COMPANY and to all authorized users of the equipment.


The following rules define _COMPANY’s policy regarding all computer equipment purchased or leased by _COMPANY and to all authorized users of the equipment.

  1. _COMPANY computers, telephones, fax machines and other office equipment are provided to _COMPANY employees and other authorized personnel for legitimate business purposes. Reasonable and limited non-business use that does not abuse _COMPANY time or resources and that does not violate the corporate Fair Employment Practices Policy is permitted unless your manager has informed you that the nature of the work in your area requires that all personal use be prohibited.
  2. _COMPANY reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice or consent, to monitor use of such equipment, including but not limited to monitoring e-mails and access to the Internet, to ensure appropriate use.
  3. No _COMPANY employee may access another co-worker’s computer without authorization. An employee may access another employee’s computer with the employee’s express consent or with approval of a manager who determines that there is a legitimate business need for the individual to access a co-worker’s computer.
  4. Using _COMPANY equipment to solicit or conduct outside business ventures is prohibited.
  5. Company equipment must be disposed of by authorized personnel only. Often contains company confidential information and software licensed only for use by the company. These files must be reliably removed before equipment is released from company control.