Company Facebook Page



The Company Facebook Page Policy sets the rules for the usage of the corporate Facebook account.  It covers what information should not be shared.  Additionally, it provides procedures for updating and checking the content of the Facebook page.

Read on below for excerpts from the actual policy:


This policy applies to everyone who updates the company Facebook page. By using the corporate account, you agree to abide by the guidelines established below.


  1. Do not disclose confidential or proprietary information.  Disclosing competitive information or trade secrets is cause for termination.
  2. Do not engage in discussions about competitor’s products, legal issues in which the company is involved, or government issues related to the company and our industry without prior approval from management.
  3. All updates must be approved by _COMPANY before publishing.
  4. Immediately after publishing, please have a colleague inspect the page to insure that the page displays correctly.