Email Security Policy



The Email Security Policy provides specific rules, procedures and guidance for how employees are to use the company’s email account.  The document is available as a Microsoft Word template and can be downloaded and customized as needed for your specific application.

Read on below for excerpts from the actual policy:


This policy applies to all _COMPANY employees and to all email messages received or sent by the corporate email system, regardless of the device used to send or receive the messages.


This policy defines the rules governing _COMPANY’s e-mail system.

  1. All electronic mail is _COMPANY property. Because the _COMPANY electronic mail system is intended to be used for business purposes, _COMPANY places more importance on the ability to monitor electronic mail than on the rights of workers to communicate privately. Therefore electronic mail messages flowing through _COMPANY systems may be monitored for internal policy compliance, suspected criminal activity, or other non-essential, non-business activity.
  2. Electronic communications can be monitored without prior consent.  _COMPANY reserves the right to access and disclose all messages sent over its electronic mail system, for any purpose.
  3. All files attached to incoming and outgoing e-mail messages will be scanned for viruses.  To protect _COMPANY systems from malicious code, all incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments will be scanned for viruses.  Any attachments found to contain malicious code will be quarantined and not delivered.
  4. _COMPANY may disclose electronic mail messages to law enforcement officials without notice to messaging system users.
  5. Using email for illegal, offensive, or harassing communications is prohibited. Corporate email may not be used in a manner that is unprofessional or unethical or in any way compromises _COMPANY or its business reputation.