IT Departmental Budget Template



The Budget Template workbook helps you plan all of your IT department’s expenses for a full calendar year.  It is an excellent tool for a new IT manager or department that hasn’t yet established a budgeting process or wishes to improve the budgeting process.  This template enables you to forecast both employee expenses and all other departmental expenses, including hardware, software, travel, and professional services.

The template contains categories for the following expense items, however it is very simple to add your own unique expense items and customize the template to the needs of your buisness:

Charitable Contribution Exp – Enter any charitable contributions that your department might make to non-profit organizations.

Third Party Processing – Enter any fees associated with external organizations that may do processing for you.  For example, if you store tapes off site, enter the fees associate with this service here.

Dues – Enter the annual dues expense that your company pays for your and your staff to belong to professional organizations.

Gifts Expenses – Enter your planned expenses for gifts or rewards that your department may give out.   This account may be used for rewards that you provide for your team.

Licenses – Enter the fees required to license any hardware or software products.  Ask your Finance Dept whether to budget for all items across the company in your centralized IT Department, or whether they want to have individual departments account for these license fees in their department budgets.
Maintenance – Enter the monthly maintenance expenses that you pay.  Ask your Finance Dept how you account for maintenance costs.  They most likely will want you to spread the expense of the maintenance over 12 months.

Meals and Entertainment – Enter your monthly budget for team meals and entertainment.

Misc. Software – Enter a monthly budget for small software purchases that are not accounted for in another budget.  This is typically small utilities or appications that you use to run the organization or environment.

Misc. Hardware – Enter your monthly budget for small hardware purchases that are not accounted for in another budget.  This is typically for small hardware items for individual productivity.

General Office- Enter your budget for office supplies and miscellaneous expenses associated for your department.

Professional Services – Enter your budget for outside services.  This item typically includes contract labor and consulting services that you will use to help run your department.

Professional Development – Enter your budget for training, conferences or other activities that will help improve the capabilities of the people in your department.

Recruiting – Professional – Enter any fees that you may use for recruiting.  This could be professional headhunter fees, advertisements or paid search fees.

Subsciptions – Enter your budget for trade magazines, journals, and other subscription based services.

Telephone Expense – Enter your budget for telephone, cell phone, and other wireless devices here.

Transportation – Enter the amount you plan to spend on cab fares, rental cars and other forms of transportation required for both people and equipment.

Air Fare – Enter the amount you plan to spend for airline travel.

Travel – Enter the amounts for other travel related expenses.  This typically includes hotel expenses and other misc. expenses incurred away from home.

Other expenses – Enter the amount for any other expenses that are not included in the expense categories above.