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Network Security Policy

Description This policy’s 19 rules inform the world, among other things, that “only authorized users are allowed on the company network.” For end users, it

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Malware Security Policy

Description The malware security policy documents your organization’s commitment to addressing head-on the problem of Internet- and email-based viruses. This policy also informs end users

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Email Security Policy

Description The Email Security Policy provides specific rules, procedures and guidance for how employees are to use the company’s email account.  The document is available

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Data Retention Policy

Description This data retention policy is a boiler plate template that defines the scope, policy and compliance terms for corporate computer users who create, edit

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Corporate Twitter Account

Description The Corporate Twitter Account Policy defines the rules for how employees should and should not use the company’s Twitter account.  Download the entire policy in Microsoft Word

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Company Facebook Page

Description The Company Facebook Page Policy sets the rules for the usage of the corporate Facebook account.  It covers what information should not be shared. 

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